Jury Questionnaire

How many times were you selected to be a juror? 
Have you ever served on jury duty before?  YesNo
If yes, how many times? 
Do you like having to be available for only one trial?
Jury Services Poor Excellent
Summons 12345
Initial or Pre-Service Questionnaire 12345
Initial Orientation 12345
Physical Comforts 12345
Scheduling of Your Time 12345
Personal Safety 12345
Parking 12345
Judge/Staff Poor Excellent
Helpfulness, patience and courtesy of court staff 12345
Fairness and impartiality of the Judge 12345
Patience, courtesy, concern and communication skills of the Judge 12345
Did you find notes taking helpful? YesNo
Were the Jury Instructions Understandable? YesNo
If not, what could be done to improve them:
What specific suggestions can you offer to improve the process?
Attorneys Poor Excellent
Presentation of Case for Plaintiff/Prosecutor 12345
Presentation of Case for Defendant/Counsel 12345
Courtroom Courtesy and Demeanor Plaintiff/Prosecutor 12345
Courtroom Courtesy and Demeanor Defendant/Counsel 12345

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Jury Service

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