Community Corrections Planning Board

Board Members (3/13)

Judge Joseph H. Niemeyer


Dave Beach Commissioner Brian Robertson
Bernie Bushardt Lydia Mihalik
Sheldon Bycynski Prosecutor Mark Miller
Judge Allan Davis Don Rasmussen
Judge Robert Fry Commissioner Phil Riegle
Mark Fuerstenau Judge Reginald J. Routson
Public Defender Maekask Judge Jonathan P. Starn
Michael Heldman Precia Stuby
Greg Horne Kimberly M. Switzer
Denise Hoy Commissioner Mark Gazarek
Donna Lichtle Steve Welton
Lt. Ryan Kidwell Dr. Dean Wittwer
Dr. William Kose Katherine Worstein
Jay Wilson

Board Minutes

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January 2012

November 2011

Annual Report




Re-Entry Plan

Strategic Plan

January 2012 Meeting Minutes

Housing Inventory

Current Initiatives (April 2012)

March 2012 Meeting Minutes

University of Cincinnati Reports

Evidence-Based Correctional Program Checklist (CPC)

Evidence-Based Correctional Program Checklist Group Assessment (CPC-GA)

University of Cincinnati Presentation

The Risk Principle at Work
2004 Principles of Effective Intervention
Andrews & Bonta 2006
Applying the Principles of Effective Intervention to Juvenile Correctional Programs
What Works: The Priciples of Effective Correctional Treatment
What are Criminogenic Needs

Dr. Latessa Presentation

The Risk Principle

Ohio Risk Assessment Tool (ORAS) Schedule

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Drug Court Participants

Court Costs & Fees

Jury Service

Divorce Clinic for those Without Attorneys

Community Corrections Planning Board

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