Programs and Services

Pretrial Release/ Bond
This program diverts offenders from the local jail facility while awaiting sentencing. The offender is released on bond and must comply with court restrictions place on them upon their release from incarceration. These restrictions may include no contact orders and reporting to the Adult Probation Department.

Presentence Investigations
These reports provide the court thorough background information on offenders coming before the Common Pleas Court Judges. These reports include offense information, criminal and social history and victim input.

Basic Supervision
This supervision provides general management of offenders at less risk for recidivism, by monitoring compliance with court-ordered conditions.

Intensive Supervision
This supervision is designed to supervise and monitor offenders at a higher risk for recidivism in the community by providing a more restrictive, intensive supervision. This incorporates a four-phase program, with gradually less restrictive sanctions based on the offender’s compliance with conditions. The offender must complete this program before being placed under basic supervision.

Forensic Unit/Cognitive Behavioral Interventions
In 2012, the Adult Probation Department,  in collaboration with the Hancock County Alcohol Drug and Mental Health Board and Century Health, Inc., began offering premiere cognitive-behavioral treatment programs to Hancock County adult felony offenders.  Based on risk and need,  offenders are screened and  required to complete one or both of the in-house behavior modification programs. These programs have been shown to lower recidivism, improve personality variables and enhance treatment compliance.

Occupational Therapy
Partnering with the University of Findlay, the Court is able to offer in-house Occupational Therapy for offenders utilizing graduate students.

Electronic Monitoring
Utilized at the time of sentencing or as an intermediate sanction, electronic monitoring diverts offenders from the local jail by allowing them to remain in their homes on “house arrest.” By means of an electronic device attached to the ankle for a court mandated amount of time, the offenders are restricted to their homes in lieu of jail, allowing them to continue their employment and attend court-ordered appointments.

Drug Testing
The Adult Probation Department screens offenders for various substances through the use of urinalysis testing. The offenders are also tested for alcohol by submitting to a Breathalyzer test.

Community Service
Offenders convicted through the Common Pleas Court are ordered to perform community work services hours as a condition of their supervision. These hours are primarily served through other Hancock County agencies.

Drug, Alcohol and Mental Health Treatment
Offenders are referred to local agencies to obtain much-needed social services. As a condition of supervision, most offenders must successfully complete some form of court ordered treatment.


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